Typhoon Haiyan

Live Pictures as News Breaks
Access more than 1,600 new Reuters pictures and news images each day from Reuters’ network of 600 award-winning photojournalists:

  • Daily packages and slideshow galleries
  • Searchable archive of more than 13 million images
  • Coverage includes: news, sports, features, business, entertainment, lifestyle and more.

View Reuters Picture Packages:
Man vs. typhoon
From above
On the edge
Japan Quake
Japan Earthquake: Five years on

alt.TYPE is the local media partner for Reuters Pictures Archive. Please send your picture requests to info@alttype.com.sg or call +65 6478 2988 if you wish to license any Reuters images for publishing use such as magazines, newsletters, books, sustainability report or if you simply wish to order a print. We also provide free image search service based on your requirements.

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