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New Chinese Font – Monotype’s Ying Hei™

Monotype’s Ying Hei™

1539855-2Monotype’s Ying Hei™ is a new Chinese sans serif typeface family designed and built for performance and elegance on screen and in print. It is available in five weights covering text and display sizes, with versions for Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


M Ying Hei was designed to the highest standards by the Monotype Hong Kong team, led by Kenneth Kwok and Robin Hui. It features ample inter-character spacing, open shapes, varying proportions and unambiguous forms to ensure consistent and optimal legibility in a range of challenging usage environments. M Ying Hei conveys a professional, rational and efficient image for any document. With a minimal and contemporary design, M Ying Hei is free from extraneous details, with a well-considered skeleton and refined stoke designs. This allows it to help readers to quickly recognise a message, and improve reading efficiency.

Perfect companion for Neue Helvetica
For the Latin characters, M Ying Hei features the famous Neue Helvetica® typeface integrated in a refined and thoughtful manner. M Ying Hei’s flexible design can also be used with a variety of other popular Latin san serif typefaces including Avenir® Next, Neue Frutiger®, and Univers® Next typefaces among others.



MYingHeiPRC – W3, W4, W5, W7, W8 – 5 Weights in Simplified Chinese

MYingHeiHK – W3, W4, W5, W7, W8 – 5 Weights in Traditional Chinese

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Chinese Fonts: Simplified and Traditional

Chinese is written in two different varieties of characters: Traditional and Simplified. The characters in Traditional Chinese are often more intricate composed of many strokes; while the characters in Simplified Chinese uses forms which have been reduced to fewer strokes. Beyond the graphical contrasts of the two characters, they are used in different areas and by different Chinese speakers. Simplified Chinese characters are officially used in Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, and used in some overseas Chinese communities. Traditional Chinese characters are officially used in Taiwan, HongKong and Macau, and used by many Overseas Chinese communities. Most common font styles are Song, Fang Song, Kai, Hei, Li and Wei.
Hei is a popular font that pairs well with Helvetica.

Featured font: Linotype/Chinatype M Hei Simplified Chinese

M Hei PRC – Simplified Chinese

M Hei PRC Std is available in 4 weights. View font details. Order fonts >>>

Quick view of other Chinese fonts:

M Yuen Simplified Chinese

M Gentle Simplified Chinese

M Elle Simplified Chinese

C Yuen Simplified Chinese

C Yuen 2 Simplified Chinese

C Hei 2 Simplified Chinese

C Hei 3 Simplified Chinese

M Sung Simplified Chinese

C Wei Bei Simplified Chinese

M Kai Simplified Chinese

C Xing Kai Simplified Chinese
C Xing Kai

C Xing
C Xing PRC

C XLi Simplified Chinese

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Chinese Fonts – AR Yuan

Featured font: AR Yuan Simplified Chinese
AR Yuan Simplified Chinese is available in 5 weights: Light, Medium, Bold, Heavy, Ultra.

AR Yuan_Light
AR Yuan_Medium
AR Yuan_Bold
AR Yuan_Heavy
AR Yuan_Ultra

Featured font: AR Yuan Traditional Chinese
AR Yuan Traditional Chinese is available in 6 weights: Light, Medium, Bold, Heavy, Extra, Ultra.

AR Yuan Big5_Light
AR Yuan Big5_Medium
AR Yuan Big5_Bold
AR Yuan Big5_Extra
AR Yuan Big5_Heavy
AR Yuan Big5_Ultra

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