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Rollerscript_MyfontAs the name suggests, the Rollerscript font from G-TYPE designed by Nick Cooke was conceived by writing out variations of each character by hand using a roller pen before the scanning and digitising process.

Pronounced pressure points where characters start, end or join make for a very authentic hand drawn appearance which is enhanced still further through the use of over 100 standard ligatures. Character pairings like ‘tt’ or ‘gg’ in normal handwriting fonts never look natural but in Rollerscript will now automatically change as you type!
234582Rollerscript’s handwriting credentials are given a further boost with the inclusion of multiple underlines and sketched icons, arrows and emoticons.

rollerscript-700_3Available as 2 Typefaces – Rollerscript Smooth and Rollerscript Rough or as 1 Value Pack, Rollerscript supports at least 21 languages (STD/OT CFF).
234580Font enquiry:  info@alttype.com.sg


Chinese Fonts: Simplified and Traditional

Chinese is written in two different varieties of characters: Traditional and Simplified. The characters in Traditional Chinese are often more intricate composed of many strokes; while the characters in Simplified Chinese uses forms which have been reduced to fewer strokes. Beyond the graphical contrasts of the two characters, they are used in different areas and by different Chinese speakers. Simplified Chinese characters are officially used in Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, and used in some overseas Chinese communities. Traditional Chinese characters are officially used in Taiwan, HongKong and Macau, and used by many Overseas Chinese communities. Most common font styles are Song, Fang Song, Kai, Hei, Li and Wei.
Hei is a popular font that pairs well with Helvetica.

Featured font: Linotype/Chinatype M Hei Simplified Chinese

M Hei PRC – Simplified Chinese

M Hei PRC Std is available in 4 weights. View font details. Order fonts >>>

Quick view of other Chinese fonts:

M Yuen Simplified Chinese

M Gentle Simplified Chinese

M Elle Simplified Chinese

C Yuen Simplified Chinese

C Yuen 2 Simplified Chinese

C Hei 2 Simplified Chinese

C Hei 3 Simplified Chinese

M Sung Simplified Chinese

C Wei Bei Simplified Chinese

M Kai Simplified Chinese

C Xing Kai Simplified Chinese
C Xing Kai

C Xing
C Xing PRC

C XLi Simplified Chinese

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