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New font : Introducing the DIN Next Slab Family

DIN Next Slab Akira Kobayashi Linotype An addition to a stalwart superfamily, the characters in the Din Next Slab typeface designs echo the underlying shapes, proportions and industrial precision of the popular DIN Next family. Character shapes remain simple and counters open, ensuring high levels of legibility. The fonts also contain OpenType® features that can replace the default […]

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Chinese Fonts

Chinese New Year Couplets – Ideas for Year of the Horse 2014

Choosing Chinese fonts for Chinese New Year Couplets Chinese couplet is called “Duilian”, “Duizi”. The couplet for Chinese Spring Festival is called “Chunlian” (春联).  The first line is called upper couplet which is put up or hung on the right side of the front door and the other is called lower couplet which is placed […]

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