Fruitygreen by Indonesian designer Andi AW. Masry – good for packaging and headlines


Idiosyncratic but appealing forms are the signature feature of Fruitygreen.  The unique forms of fruits are not only individually fascinating, but are just as captivating when they are brought together, for example as decoration on a dining table. For Masry, these can be compared with an alphabet whose letters spell out in combination different words and with this as his inspiration, he based his designs for Fruitygreen on the versatile forms of fruits. However, it was not the whole fruits as such but rather small sections of their curves and ends that he decided to use.

Charcuterie by Laura Worthington –  good for retro-style posters, packaging and advertisements.

Charcuterie_ornamental font
The word charcuterie means the preparation of meats. Today, it often refers to a wide and varied selection of meats served together, listed as a single, beautiful, and complex menu item. Charcuterie is an homage to the inventiveness, passion, and care of peasants who proudly handed down recipes through generations. All the fonts have a handmade feel about them and thus correspondingly have somewhat irregular forms. They include a vast range of uppercase, serif and sans serif variants. There are ornamental fonts with different outline styles and pictograms that can be used on labels or as framing elements. All the fonts can be readily combined with each other and offer the perfect starting point for designing retro-style posters, packaging and advertisements.

Frontage by Juri Zaech – suitable for headlines and logotypes

Frontage is a charming layered type system with endless design possibilities using different combinations of fonts and colors. Achieve a realistic 3D effect by adding the shadow font or just use the capital letters of the regular and bold cut for stark artwork.As a display typeface Frontage loves color and is suitable for headlines and logotypes. Details include 224 characters in six styles and manually edited kerning.

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