ff_logo Back in 1990, Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody wanted to build a foundry where type was made for designers by designers, a place where type designers were given a fair and friendly offer and where type magic was made.They bent the rules and tested typographic boundaries, and went on to build a library with a collection like no other; a range of typefaces that had different styles, different purposes, that was contemporary, experimental, unorthodox, and radical.

Fast-forward over twenty years later and Fontfont is now one of the leading independent font foundries with the largest library of original, contemporary typefaces. Fontfont is home to over 2500 FontFonts including favorites such as FF Meta, FF DIN, FF Scala, FF Dax, and FF Kievit and newbies like, FF Chartwell, FF Tundra, FF Ernestine, and FF Tisa.

Fontfont – The world’s largest library of original contemporary typefaces.

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Font enquiries: please email info@alttype.com.sg

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