Digitize your favourite artwork or painting with us.

Preserving the past for the future is often a race against time as much of the materials has a limited lifespan before it is gone forever. Be it drawings, paintings, illustrations, manuscripts, prints, photos or any flat objects, we can help you digitize your artworks in the highest resolution with great colour accuracy and consistency. We also work with transparent materials and films.

Phase One Film Scanning Solutions

Guaranteed high resolution and high quality output. We use the world’s best medium format camera system and photographic lighting system in our reprographic workflow – Phase One from Denmark and Broncolor from Switzerland. Instead of using the traditional flatbed or overhead scanner, we will produce the reproduction by shooting.

Phase One’s high resolution sensors(up to 100MP), high precision lens and imaging software help to produce and maintain the highest image quality possible in terms of resolution, sharpness, tonality and colour.

Phase One Film Scanning Solution
Phase One Phase One Film Scanning Solutions

Broncolor lighting system provides the absolute precision in lighting, helping us to reproduce photographs with reliable and consistent colours. Broncolor lights have been used by world-renowned museums for decades.

Let us help you preserve your precious memories. Make a high quality digital copy of your art work or cherished photo before they fade.

Please drop us a message if you require any reproduction services.

Artwork reproduction @ 300dpi/RGB. Non 3-Dimensional.

22.80 x 30.48 cm$65
40.64 x 50.80 cm$95
50.80 x 60.96 cm$125
60.96 x 91.44 cm$185
76.20 x 101.60 cm$245
101.60 x 127 cm$280
Other sizes or 3-D
On site artwork digitization is available at additional fees
please call