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FF Tisa

Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavčič’s goal for FF Tisa® was to design a contemporary magazine font. It quickly became a new-millennium favourite of graphic designers, in print as well as on the web. Its large x-height and sturdy, well-spaced forms aid its legibility at text sizes, while its low stroke contrast and range of weights allow it to successfully function at larger sizes […]

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FF Kievit

Clear and highly legible, FF Kievit is a super family comprising FF Kievit, FF Kievit Serif and FF Kievit Slab. The FF Kievit family includes nine weights, true italics, old style figures and small caps—everything necessary for even the most demanding typography. is ideal for large projects in print and on screen. Michael Abbink designed […]

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FF Scala

Do you know that the font Scala was launched more than 20 years ago on 17th Nov 1989? In 1991 it was released as FF Scala, FontShop’s first serious text typeface and has since been used widely throughout the world. According to the Dutch typeface designer Martin Majoor, Scala is named after the Teatro alla […]

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FF Videtur

FF Videtur is a new Serif font family of 4 weights by Axel Bertram and Andreas Frohloff, suitable for Film & TV, Editorial & Publishing, and Small Text. The concept for FF Videtur is based on bitmap fonts created by Axel Bertram for the state television broadcaster in East Germany (GDR-TV) during the 1980s. Bertram […]

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