About us

Featured font: FF Sero by Jörg Hemker ( visual: fontfont)

Featured font: FF Sero by Jörg Hemker ( visual: fontfont)

Founded in 1996, alt.TYPE is a Singapore based boutique provider of stock pictures, fonts and photography services to communications professionals. The font foundries and image libraries we work with include Arphic, Dynalab, Monotype, Linotype, Bitstream, Fontfont, Lucas Fonts; Bluejeanimages, Fotosearch,  Imagemore,  and Reuters Picture Archive.

We provide font consultancy, photography, font/image licensing, editorial & news images。
If you require any font (for Latin or non-latin languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic etc.), stock image, editorial photo or photography service, please feel free to contact us:
Singapore ☏: +65 6478 2988
Email: info@alttype.com.sg

*font visual samples featured in this blog site are from Fontfont, Monotype, Bitstream and Linotype. alt.TYPE is Linotype/Monotype’s partner for China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.