Elicit Script

Designed by Jim Wasco and Laura Worthington in 2018. Published by Monotype

Elicit Script is a hybrid script family, that can be as casual or formal as the occasion demands.

Created by Jim Wasco and Laura Worthington, the design is based on pointed pen Spencerian Script handwriting. “It’s like one of those German italics from the early 20th century, that have beautiful shapes that hold their own,” says Wasco.

Elicit Script spans five weights, from Extra Light to Bold, and three styles – Formal, Normal and Casual. This makes it an incredibly versatile script design, easily paired with other typefaces and able to be dressed up or down, depending on what it’s used for. The monoline Casual style offers a more relaxed tone of voice, while Formal sits at the more decorative end of the spectrum.

Designers can keep things straightforward, tidy and practical with the typeface’s simple caps, or add in swash caps if they need more exuberance and expression. Generous spacing means Elicit Script works well at smaller sizes as well.

Elicit Script supports up to 82 different languages 

Elicit Script Variable Set is a single font file that features two axes: Weight and Contrast. The Weight axis has instances from Extra Light to Bold. The Contrast axis has instances from Casual (low contrast) to Formal (high contrast).

More about Elicit Script.

To order fonts, please submit form below. Elicit Script is available as a value pack of 16 typefaces. Single typeface: SGD48.00. Variable Set: SGD200. Value pack of 16 weights: SGD268.00


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