FS Aldrin

Fontsmith’s first flexible rounded typeface named after the legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

FS Aldrin is a radiant type – pure, modern and rounded. It exudes warmth and approachability, yet with a sense of technical and precise elegance. Positive, bright, flexible and intrepid, it is a typeface that is handcrafted at every step. FS Aldrin feels at home in multiple worlds.

FS Aldrin was designed by Phil Garnham and published by Fontsmith

A suite of 268 icons complement the typeface beautifully and extend the design language in all directions.  They cover a range of commonly used applications and themes ranging from ecommerce to weather, and also serve as a solid starting point for a bespoke brand icon set or UI.

if you type the word BUZZ with ligatures enabled, an astronaut appears

In addition, born of FS Aldrin’s astronomical theme and playful nature is a special collection of space-themed icons, including rockets, shuttles and lunar modules (hint: if you type the word BUZZ with ligatures enabled, an astronaut appears)

More about FS Aldrin. Test drive FS Aldrin

To order fonts, please submit form below. FS Aldrin is available as a complete family of 13 typefaces. Single typeface: SGD 110.00. Family: SGD 385.00

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