FF Transit

The typeface FF Transit is a highly legible design that works well for readers who need quick orientation while en route. Made to blend aesthetic quality with legibility, it was originally developed by MetaDesign in Berlin for official use by the Berlin Public Transportation Services (BVG) and Düsseldorf Airport.

Designed by MetaDesign in 1997. Published by FontFont.
In-use cases of the various FF Transit weights in the signage system of the Berlin transit authorities BVG.

FF Transit is a typeface that has several styles of the same regular weight for different purposes. Based on the proportions of Frutiger (licensed from Linotype), it was drawn in a narrow version with original italics. The design included many variants made to meet the rigorous standards of a complex signage system.

Besides a proper regular weight for print jobs, FF Transit includes positive and negative styles for back-lit signs as well as positive and negative signs that are illuminated from the front. When letters are back-lit, white type on a black background (FF Transit Back Negative), they glow and their stroke widths seem to increase; thus, the weight should be lighter. It is the other way around, black letters on a lit background—that’s when you need FF Transit Back Positive. (read about https://www.fontshop.com/content/perception-of-black-and-white)

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FF Transit is available as a complete family of 18 typefaces, ranging from Regular to Black (including italics) and is ideally suited for advertising and packaging, editorial and publishing, logo, branding and creative industries, small text as well as wayfinding and signage. Price starts from SGD76.00 per weight or SGD315.00 – SGD 905.00 for value packs. Browse font packs.

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