FS Siena

FS Siena is a luxurious typeface published by Fontsmith.

Fontsmith founder Jason Smith drew out the raw letterforms with a Rotring pen while still at art college. After his diploma show, the typeface was filed away on Jason’s computer until he asked designer Krista Radoeva to finish it off 4 years ago.

With its strong, upright stance, contrasting strokes and blend of generous, classical proportions with modern, economical lines, FS Siena is tailor-made for the kind of high-end brands for whom heritage and modernity go hand-in-hand.

Sumptuous and eclectic, FS Siena is a nonconformist typeface with classical roots. With its heady mix of elegance and quirky charm, FS Siena is tailor made for luxury brands in the worlds of fashion, cosmetics and hospitality.

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FS Siena is available as a complete family of 14 typefaces. Price SGD110.00 per style or SGD415.00 for 14 fonts.

More about FS Siena

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