FF Kievit

Clear and highly legible, FF Kievit is a super family comprising FF Kievit, FF Kievit Serif and FF Kievit Slab. The FF Kievit family includes nine weights, true italics, old style figures and small caps—everything necessary for even the most demanding typography. is ideal for large projects in print and on screen.

FF Kievit Super Family

Michael Abbink designed the first drafts of Kievit while he was still in design school. The font was inspired by the clarity and expression of classic sans serif fonts, such as Frutiger® or Univers®, and the historical, humanistic Antiquas like Garamond™ or Granjon®. FF Kievit was published by FontShop nineteen years ago in 2001.

FF Kievit
FF Kievit

Versatile and unpretentious, FF Kievit is particularly suited to applications where small point sizes are used. It has good clarity down to 6 points making it a good option for labeling and other small-print applications.

FF Kievit Serif
FF Kievit Serif

FF Kievit Serif subtlety melds oldstyle design traits and a 21st century mien into a clean, straightforward suite of typefaces. As part of the FF Kievit super family it helps brands carry their voices effectively and legibly. This includes small text to display sizes, in both print and digital environments, for internal and external audiences.

FF Kievit Slab
FF Kievit Slab

Though created from the sans, FF Kievit Slab is not FF Kievit with slabs tacked on. The font has a striking and powerful presence and is suitable for display use. Complementing FF Kievit, the two font families span an extremely flexible and versatile typographic universe in which they are complement and support one another perfectly.

The Signage for the New York Public Library uses FF Kievit. It is also the corporate typeface for Autodesk Inc., the AutoCAD software giant.

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Single weight/style:  SGD75.00 – SGD94.00. FF Kievit Super Family : FF Kievit/ FF Kievit Serif/ FF Kievit Slab) :  SGD545.00 for each family.

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