FF Scala

Do you know that the font Scala was launched more than 20 years ago on 17th Nov 1989? In 1991 it was released as FF Scala, FontShop’s first serious text typeface and has since been used widely throughout the world.

According to the Dutch typeface designer Martin Majoor, Scala is named after the Teatro alla Scala (1776–78) in Milan. There were two reasons for this name: Scala was made especially for a concert hall, the Vredenburg in Utrecht, and the design has it roots in around the time Teatro alla Scala was built, the mid-eighteenth century.

The word ‘scala’ has the meaning ‘a whole range’, which FF Scala certainly is: from a to z and from serif to sans serif, from light to black and from formal to decorated.

An old style, humanist, serif, FF Scala is not a direct descendent of any one classic typeface, but rather acts as a confluence of several historic designs. It is a complete typeface family and includes small capitals and a wide range of ligatures.

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FF Scala typeface is used around the world in design and display elements. Its public applications include use by the Metro of the City of Los Angeles and the New York Public Library. Commercially, FF Scala was used for many years as the house typeface for Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad . It was also employed as the in-house typeface for international airline carrier, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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