Between: a new and unusually flexible design approach from Akira Kobayshi

Image: Monotype

The Between typeface is a delicious typographic concoction: one sans-serif typeface, expertly poached, boiled and scrambled into three new and unique styles by master type chef Akira Kobayashi of Monotype.

The history of Between can be traced back to the 1990s. Kobayashi realised that many companies preferred a friendly neutral sans typefacefor their brand. He initially wanted to design a DIN-like font that had a more humanist appearance and better performance in high-volume typesetting. In the end, he created Between in three versions. While the various styles share some letterforms, they are not simply different versions of the same design. Each style has its own concept with its own character and expression. The differences are not so major as to make it a large family, hence the name “between” was borne.

Image: Monotype

It started with the one in the middle. Between 2 strikes a balance between crisp and highly legible on one hand and organic and friendly on the other. Between 1 pushes towards the more technical and modern, while Between 3 goes the other way, with a lively, handwritten feel. The variations are subtle but telling. All three share the same cap height and x-height, and many letterforms – there’s a fluidity between them. But certain characters, like core components of a dish, make all the difference. Extract the ‘e’s and ‘g’s, for example, and it’s easy to see what the key ingredients are.

Image: Monotype
Image: Monotype

Kobayashi’s unconventional approach provides the designer with a new level of flexibility. The three unique styles complement and blend perfectly with one another. So get cooking with Between 1, 2 and 3, each in eight weights plus italics, and create something eggs-traordinary.

Between™ font family is designed by Akira Kobayashi in 2016.

Prices start from SGD49 per weight. Family Pack is available at discounted price.

To order fonts, please submit form:


we like to get it right in camera. we like how light falls across a face, be it human or a building. we like it when there is a conversation without words...

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