SST® – A font for everywhere from Monotype

Designed by Akira Kobayashi and a team of ten other type designers around the world, SST brings harmony and personality to communications across cultures and touchpoints. The SST typeface was designed to be universal and timeless, with support for 93 languages and outstanding legibility at all sizes.

With the aim of creating an international font family, Monotype’s Type Director Akira Kobayashi teamed up with Sony’s Chief Art Director Hiroshige Fukuhara to design the neutral sans SST®. The team and designers around the world helped to make sure the style demands and cultural nuances of specific languages were catered for, and ensure a consistent tone across the entire family of fonts.

What started out as an exclusive corporate typeface is now available to everyone: a modern sans serif with clean structures and an organic legibility. The superfamily supports almost 100 languages with numerous font systems and in addition to Latin also offers Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai characters and symbols. This means SST will be your ideal partner for major international corporate projects and can convince both in print and on screen.

SST Fonts
Image: Fontshop/Monotype

In Akira’s words, SST was created to be flexible enough to let the products or brands speak for themselves.

Designer: Akira Kobayashi
Image: Monotype
Image: Monotype

Akira feels that an attractive typeface with trendy styling might look outdated in just a couple of years. Or in another case, a type with embellished characters could instantly attract readers’ attention. Suppose one brand selects this embellished type for its advertisement. The appearance of the type or the tagline gives the brand a certain look. People in the street see it repeatedly and the type eventually becomes the brand’s tone of voice. But such type tends to leave us with a strong impression, making other brands reluctant to use the same type in the same way. In developing SST to be used for branding, he and his team knew they had to avoid this as they hoped that the type would be used for many different brands, and for many years to come.

SST® Font Family: Ultralight, Ultralight Italic, Light, Light Italic, Roman, Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Heavy, Heavy Italic, Typewriter, Typewriter Bold, Condensed, Condensed Medium, Condensed Bold.

Language packs:
SST® Thai Font Family
SST® Arabic Font Family
SST® Japanese Font Family
SST® Vietnamese Font Family

Prices start from SGD90 – SGD315 per weight depending on language. Family Pack is available at discounted price. To order fonts, please submit form:


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