FF Quixo – a pleasant companion for any kind of advertising or packaging application.

Drip. Splat. Pop. Quixo!

German type designer Frank Grießhammer snapped his fingers and dipped his brush into a bottle of ink, thereafter FF Quixo was born ! The name “Quixo” is an onomatopoeic exaggeration. The word comes directly from the sound of dipping a brush into a bottle of ink. Also, it is the sound of that same bottle, dropping on the floor: “Quix-O!!”.

FF Quixo is a tool-based typeface family, based on the contrast of the pointed pen. Its diverse spectrum of 12 styles (6 weights with Roman and Italic in each) are suitable for compact and concise passages of text. FF Quixo plays on various sides of creative type – headline and text, bold and fine. It is a typeface that can show a playful side without looking goofy and is equipped with all the features and considerations necessary to produce complex typography.




To order font, please email info@alttype.com.sg


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