New fonts by Fontyou

Fontyou is a new Paris-based initiative with an ambitious plan, that is finding new ways to design and produce fonts. Using online tools, Fontyou establishes fruitful relationships between people with complementary skills — lettering artists, type designers, font technicians, and more. The outcome: something that’s greater than the sum of the parts — collaborative font designs with originality, quality, and character.

Exquise FY
Exquise FY is elegant and distinguished, it combines the strong vertical stress of classicist type (think Didot or Bodoni) with playful ornamental details. In spite of its 1800s pedigree, Exquise’s abrupt ductus changes and sharply cut drops make it an utterly contemporary font that is ideal for lifestyle magazines, fashion branding and prestige packaging. It comes in six styles, including a gorgeous Black weight.


exquise-fy3 exquise-fy2

Bruum FY
Bruum FY is not just another squarish sans-serif. It has plenty of features that give it just a little more oomph — from the peculiar shapes of ‘A’ and ‘E’ (they look hand-bent) to the quirky alternates for ‘a’, ‘g’ and ‘t’ (shown in the first line above). The abrupt transitions from curved to angular shapes and back give the font family a technical and look that makes for a robust headline; yet the simple and open shapes ensure good legibility in small sizes.

bruum-fy1Bruum FY – good legibility in small sizes.


Kaili FY
Traditionally, ligatures were designed to solve typographic problems — for instance, to avoid the clash of an overhanging ‘f’ and the dot on the ‘i’. Later, type designers began including ligature pairs to have fun with them. The OpenType font format allows the inclusion of dozens or even hundreds of ligated letter pairs in a single font — and Kaili FY sports a whopping 825 of them. You could say that ligatures are its main theme; but even without them the design would be remarkable, with its wide, supple, monolinear, flowing lettershapes

kaili-fy2 kaili-fy3Kaili FY has a total of 825 ligatures !

Respublika FY
Respublika FY is a typeface by Gregori Vincens — one of the non-collective designs in the Fontyou collection. With its five weights and matching italics, ample language coverage and large collection of numeral styles, it is a real workhorse. Stylistically this sans-serif strikes a nice balance between business and pleasure, clarity and friendliness.

respublika-fy1 respublika-fy2Respublika FY – Business-like and yet friendly at the same time.

Squirrel FY
Squirrel FY basically speaks for itself, and not too quietly either. It echoes some of the quirkiest display faces of the 1970s, but with a geometric logic all of its own. It’s the font used for the cover image at the top — and we chose it because it’s so gorgeous, and a little crazy.

squirrel-fy1 squirrel-fy2Squirrel FY ~Gorgeous and a little crazy.

Ella FY
Ella FY’s design principle — letterforms derived from handwriting and simplified into clean unmodulated lines — result in an interesting hybrid: a monolinear upright semi-italic. What makes it particularly attractive to today’s graphic designers is its ample arsenal of flourished ascender and descender alternates, offering endless possibilities to create one-of-a-kind headlines and logos. However, the basic characters are interesting enough to create charming text settings even when the drawers full of ornamented characters remain untouched. With three weights, the little family offers plenty of possibilities to combine large and small type on the same page.

ella-fy1 ella-fy2

To order Fontyou fonts, click here . For further enquiries, please email


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