Introducing App+ Fontfonts : Easy licensing for mobile apps, editable documents & hardware

Licensing fonts on additional platforms such as mobile phones, computer games or other hardware used to be a costly affair. Now with App+ Fontfont, you can choose your favourite font from the world’s largest collection of original, unique and contemporary typefaces at affordable prices.


Whether you want to use FF DIN in a mobile app, enhance a car interface with FF Meta or embed your PowerPoint presentation with FF Scala, with App+ you can. What’s more, you don’t need to buy a license for every app or device, the one App+ license will cover them all.
So, using FontFonts just got even easier and frustration-free!

App+ for mobile phones

App+ for PlayStation Portable video games

App+ for GPS applications

App+ for tablet computer applications

In short, App+ FontFonts can be embedded in all apps, devices and documents.The fonts are licensed by years, not users, and the basic App+ license is valid for one year.

Check out these fontfonts:

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Font enquiries: please email


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