Museo Family – Museo, Museo Sans, Museo Slab, Museo Rounded

Museo by Jos Buivenga

MUSEO … it all started with Dutch designer Jos Buivenga’s love for U. One day this uppercase letter U just came to him as an image in a daydream. He saw the top of both stems bended into semi-slab serifs, and from that principle, he worked out the rest of the uppercase letters.

His first intention was to make it an all-caps display font but after a few months he changed his mind. He wanted it to be a bit more versatile and added lowercase, adjusted spacing and kerning to increase legibility. The end result is a contemporary semi-slab serif font family with five weights, designated as 100,300,500,700,900. After creating the original Museo, Jos Buivenga went on to create Museo Sans, Museo Slab and Museo Rounded.

The diversity of styles within the Museo family ensures that the typeface has a wide range of potential applications.

Museo Fonts
Museo Slab
Museo Sans
Museo Rounded

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