Neo Sans and Neo Tech

Neo Sans Font Family
Neo Tech
Neo Tech
Neo Tech
Neo Sans and Neo Tech Comparison

The English designer Sebastian Lester created the Neo® Sans and Neo Tech typeface families for Monotype Imaging in 2004. Later in 2005, Intel commissioned the creation of a custom Neo font, Neo Sans Intel, for its rebranding. The British Labour Party has also used the font in branding and advertising, as have Kia Motors, Virgin Trains and the UK ITV network. The sleek Neo design also appealed to the Valve Corp., which used the typeface for its 2010 Alien Swarm freeware game. In 2010, Neo Sans was selected as the official typeface for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics because of its timeless, modern quality.

Both the Neo Sans and the Neo Tech families are available in six weights, ranging from Light to Ultra. Each weight has a companion Italic, and Neo Tech offers a suite of alternate characters. Neo Sans is the more conventional design, whereas Neo Tech is intended to look futuristic. Lester describes as Neo Sans as “legible without being neutral, nuanced without being fussy, and expressive without being distracting.”

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